How close are we to 1984?

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👁 George Orwell’s novel “1984” has clearly experienced a new surge in popularity in recent years. At least, in the number of references, mentions, and disturbing articles about the fact that we are about to find ourselves in Orwell’s world. However, are these fears based on something real, or is there nothing in them but the desire for a hype?

Unfortunately, the overall picture doesn’t look too good:

Internet surveillance. The fact that governments monitor their own and other people’s citizens and their behavior on the Internet is no secret to anyone since the advent of Wikileaks and the flight of Edward Snowden from the United States. And we do not even mention the scandals outside the United States. However, not only governments are engaged in surveillance, but also corporations (which, perhaps, is even more frightening) — for example, your smartphone listens to what you say in its presence so that Google can offer you targeted advertising.

Real surveillance. A lot has already been written about the street monitoring system in Xinjiang, China, which warns the police if you deviate from the usual home-work-home route. However, behind the storm of condemnation of the Chinese authorities, the fact that many Western governments are openly interested in Chinese developments in this area is lost. In combination with Internet surveillance, we can safely say that “Big Brother” may appear soon.

Censorship. Most often, we think about censorship when it comes to China, Russia, and other countries with complex relations with democracy. However, the periodic “cleansing” of social networks and video hosting sites from materials that contradict the values of the corporations that serve them — what is this, if not censorship?
Cancel Culture. How does it differ from “Minutes of Hate” from Orwell?

However, the gloomy outlook does not mean that there is no chance to change the situation. But to do this, it is necessary to make a revolution of decentralization on the Internet. Utopia is just such a revolution. This decentralized platform offers a full-fledged free Internet, including encrypted messenger and email service, cryptocurrency and DNS. But, unlike the traditional Internet, the complete decentralization of the platform ensures that no one can play Big Brother.

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