How to create an account on Crypton Exchange

  • In the mobile beta version, the PK is the usual key for finding a contact (an alternative nickname.)
  • In the ecosystem, the PK is both a wallet and a contact. After the release of the full version of the ecosystem for mobile devices, the PK will function exactly the same there.
  • On the exchange, the PK is a separate user account. So, you have a separate wallet address in the CRP, and it has nothing to do with the PK in the ecosystem and on the mobile app.
  • Open and click on “Download Utopia.”
  • Download the needed client version for your OS and install the ecosystem.
  • Create a new account in the ecosystem: enter your nickname and create a password.
  • Open your account and click on the “File” and “My Profile” buttons.
  • Copy your Public Key.
  • Fill in the gaps with copied Public Key, Nickname, and Password.
  • Log in to the ecosystem client on the main screen you will have a message confirming registration.
  • Go back to the exchange’s page and confirm authorization by clicking on “Confirm Public Key.”
  • After a few seconds, you will receive an authorization code in the ecosystem.
  • Copy and paste the code into the exchange’s website line. Click on “Confirm.”
  1. Open “Finance” on the main page.
  2. Click on the “View all assets” button.
  3. Select “Deposit” opposite CRP.



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