How to Know What to Invest in — Crypton as a Profitable Asset

Bitcoin turned 13 years old this year. On January 3, 2009, a person (or group) acting under the name Satoshi Nakamoto launched a decentralized network for the first cryptocurrency. At the same time, the “genesis block” of 50 BTC was mined, starting the trend that has led to 21 million BTC today. Over its 13 years of existence, Bitcoin has gone from an unknown asset to a global investment instrument with a capitalization of over $900 billion.

Following Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies appeared, attracting investors at ICOs and popular exchanges. But, unfortunately, many such projects turned out to be scams, and only a few managed to become truly profitable investment assets.

We don’t want to praise ourselves, but our on-platform currency, Crypton (CRP), can already be considered profitable and reliable for investors. And these are not empty words — CRP fully complies with the checklist which was specially created by our top exchange experts. Below we share this checklist with you.

A Checklist to Help You Understand How Profitable Digital Assets Are
How can you know that a particular cryptocurrency is worth investing in? We won’t spam you by pointing to the market leaders, BTC and ETH, or the project that Elon Musk actively promotes on Twitter — Dogecoin. Instead, it’s much better to explore less obvious options that have good prospects for multiplying the money invested. So, here is a detailed checklist of what to look for, from those who know this market “from the inside.”
* A promising area of use. Today, GameFi projects, metaverses, and ecosystems are considered the most promising. But the niches that are likely to turn out to be scams include gold mining and projects based on artificial intelligence.
* Lifespan. Give preference to those cryptocurrencies that have been on the market for at least a year or two.
* Cooperation with stock exchanges. The more trading platforms where your chosen cryptocurrency is represented, the more likely it is you can sell it profitably. By the way, this rule is completely true for most markets, and not just for the cryptocurrency one.
* Capitalization and position in the rating during the last months. Compare the amount of money raised in the ICO with the current capitalization of the project in order to understand how willingly other investors buy a particular cryptocurrency — this gap should be significant. It is also important to assess the position of this cryptocurrency in the general list and track its dynamics over the past few months.
* Strong team. In addition to all of the above, you can study the biographies of the creators of the project and their team. Of course, make allowance for the fact that the marketing team worked on these descriptions, so it’s better to go straight to LinkedIn.

By the way, we continue to remain anonymous, thereby going against the last point of our checklist. It’s just our concept of the project. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the Utopia Ecosystem from successfully existing for 2+ years already and providing users end-to-end anonymity on the web (as the Tor browser does, but even better and with a lot more features — including financial benefits).

As for the opinions of experts, in most cases, they are paid, a fact which is carefully hidden. As a result, such “advertising” attracts hundreds and even thousands of new investors, and the project falls apart after a while. Therefore, remember: no one will take your hand and lead you to where the treasure lies. You have to do it by yourself. And the best way is to follow the guidelines we have written above. So, good luck!
Register on Crypton Exchange and start buying and selling Crypton (CRP) and other cryptocurrencies to multiply your investments.

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Welcome on Utopia’s board! Utopia p2p is an anonymous and decentralized p2p network with built-in secure tools. No surveillance, censorship and data leaks.

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Utopia P2P

Utopia P2P

Welcome on Utopia’s board! Utopia p2p is an anonymous and decentralized p2p network with built-in secure tools. No surveillance, censorship and data leaks.

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