Let’s Begin Utopia P2P Twitter Meme Campaign! [Total bank of 10,000 CRPs]

  1. Create a meme according to the rules that will be presented below.
  • The meme should be created based on Crypton (CRP) — the main financial unit of Utopia P2P.
  • Use intellectual humor to create the meme. It should not contain silly references to old jokes or comparing with other products. Create original, funny memes — concentrate on humor.
  • Mention 3 famous crypto influencers of your choice.
  • Use the hashtag — #utopia_p2p_meme, so that we can see your meme.
  • Mention Utopia P2P’s official Twitter account in your post — @UtopiaP2P
  • Add a link to your Twitter post in the comments to the publication, and specify your Utopia P2P wallet (Note: Your Public Key (PK) = your wallet.)



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Utopia P2P

Utopia P2P


Welcome on Utopia’s board! Utopia p2p is an anonymous and decentralized p2p network with built-in secure tools. No surveillance, censorship and data leaks.