Now TradeOgre, Anonymous Crypto Exchange, Is Available within the Utopia Ecosystem

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2 min readSep 26, 2022

TradeOgre is an anonymous centralized cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018. Currently, 114 coins and 107 trading pairs are presented here. The trading commission on TradeOgre is one of the lowest: only 0.2% of all fulfilled transactions. This trading platform accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies only.

Although access to crypto exchanges in some countries is prohibited due to the current legislation, the creators of TradeOgre decided to run a mirror version of this crypto exchange within the Utopia decentralized ecosystem, so that users from all over the world get the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency with the most favorable conditions.

Thus, thanks to the collaboration with Utopia, in addition to expanding the geographical coverage TradeOgre managed to provide its customers with advanced protection of their web privacy and, in particular, transactions. Utopia protects its users from MITM attacks and uses AES 256 and curve25519, a couple of the strongest web standards for high-speed data encryption.

In addition, to register on the exchange, users won’t have to comply with KYC policies, which means that no one will ever be able to track their trading activity within this ecosystem. Taken together, these benefits have opened up new prospects for TradeOgre’s growth and, in particular, for improving the quality of its customer service.

To become a user of the TradeOgre exchange within Utopia, install the Utopia software on your personal device, go through a quick registration, and enter the name of this crypto exchange in the search field of the Idyll web browser — one of the main functions of this ecosystem.

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