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4 min readJan 31, 2023

Online or digital activism is the use of technology such as social media, email, and/or websites as a form of activism. It allows users to disseminate information about political and social changes.

Social media supports online activism

Social networks play a key role in sharing this type of information with anyone who might need it. For example, Instagram is more open to young people and is a great way to share content. A simple hashtag, meme, or image on Instagram can be seen by millions of people in a matter of seconds.

Social media has become a new and useful place for young people on social issues — for example, the Black Lives Matter movement, #MeToo, etc. — especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is sometimes called online activism.

Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Go Fund Me, online petitions and even TikTok are all platforms that young people use to share, discuss, and raise funds to fight social injustice. Some online campaigns have even successfully forced governments to adopt certain laws against their background.

However, content distributed on these platforms can sometimes contain malicious images meant to shock the audience. In addition, many of these online platforms are not secure. There are a lot of news and articles on the internet about the insecurity of Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and other online platforms.

The initiative of online activism is remarkable — but only if everything is done correctly. What is the right way to do it? Express your online activity through private and secure platforms.

What platform to use for online activism and social justice

Of course, today’s internet offers many different available and free tools for expressing one’s point of view or supporting various social or political initiatives.

However, not many of them can provide not only anonymity but also the security of all data. For several years now, Utopia P2P has been a reliable platform for all those who support online activism and social equality, and who have something to say.

Utopia P2P is a new generation of decentralized ecosystem which is an anonymous and secure platform for all internet users. It does not cooperate with commercial organizations or government agencies. Registration and use of the ecosystem are completely anonymous.

The main advantage of the ecosystem is its peer-to-peer architecture. That is, there is no single server for data storage in the ecosystem. Instead, crypto containers are created, where information is stored in encrypted form.

Utopia P2P is a whole closed, online city on the World Wide Web. The main difference from ordinary bodies is that no one knows who is hiding behind the nickname and photos of each user.

There is no censorship in the ecosystem, so you never need to be afraid to speak out and share your opinion about the events taking place in the world or a particular country.

What tools for online activism are available in Utopia P2P?

First of all, it is worth recalling that Utopia P2P is a whole arsenal of free and private tools for a secure internet experience. They include an instant messenger — uMessenger; encrypted email — uMail; an anonymous browser — Idyll Browser; an e-wallet — uWallet; and much more. Each of the listed tools participates in one way or another in helping users to be involved in online activism and social justice issues.

For example, the instant messenger, uMessenger, provides fast sending and receiving of anonymous messages. Using uChannels, you can create private chats for communication, and channels of interest, in which you can show your civic position. The advantage of creating channels in Utopia P2P is the complete anonymity of both moderators and channel creators, as well as all participants. So, you need not be afraid of the persecution of third parties for a political or ideological position.

In addition, using the anonymous Idyll Browser, you can create anonymous websites and blogs. They can publish various news reports, or create public initiatives to help people around the world. The blog creator and visitors remain anonymous.

This is only a small part of how Utopia P2P can help to achieve the goals of online activism and social justice. If this topic excites and concerns you, then download the ecosystem and evaluate its benefits right now. After all, thousands of people around the world are already reading the news, discussing the latest events, getting acquainted, and sharing their experience in the Utopia P2P ecosystem.


You should not put your life and data in danger by choosing unsafe media outlets when defending your political views. Choose only proven and reliable tools, and stay protected by the anonymity of Utopia P2P.



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