Utopia P2P Ecosystem’s Update for 2020. Release of UAM

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2 min readNov 23, 2020

Utopia is ready to present a new network core that was created for the technical and functional maintenance of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. The development team has been working on it, and now it has transferred the entire ecosystem to UAM – Utopia Alternative Miner.

UAM is an alternative and independent network core that has a higher working speed. It is aimed at maintaining the ongoing functional and technical processes in Utopia P2P ecosystem. It is easily compatible with the current protocol that the ecosystem is built on.

Utopia is one step ahead of its competitors, and thanks to UAM, it can avoid the problems that other projects will soon face. UAM improves several key aspects of the stable operation of the ecosystem:

Speed. The process of ecosystem operation will be faster and more stable. In addition, all payments and transactions can be made more quickly.
Stability. Stable operation of the ecosystem for each client, including the mining process, file sharing, messages and emails, and data storage.
Performance. Run mining bot on a remote VPS server to improve the performance and functional stability of the network and earn Cryptons by extracting the main benefits from them.

After switching to UAM, each client will appreciate a significant difference in the speed and performance of the ecosystem. These technical changes affect the quality of all the functionality of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. After all, UAM makes the working process not only safe and technically excellent, but also fast.

*The ecosystem’s functions remain the same, including the API; all changes only affect the working process of the main core and mining.

Each of Utopia’s clients can already evaluate the advantages of UAM. Users should simply update the Utopia P2P ecosystem to the latest version. It won’t take long. On the contrary, it will provide a chance to experience the speed, reliability, and performance of all the ecosystem’s built-in tools and processes.

Right now, developers are working on creating the most stable network with UAM. Then, the creators’ team will start to improve Poker Gameplay and release a mobile version of the ecosystem, which will significantly facilitate Utopia usage. This version of the ecosystem will be compatible with the previously implemented UAM.

Improve your Utopia P2P network and update it to the latest version with UAM. Make the most of the software ecosystem and take a step forward with the Utopia team.



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