Utopia P2P Web Proxy Update: Fast and Private Internet Surfing through Idyll Browser

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2 min readMar 28, 2023


Are you ready for the spring update from Utopia P2P? The development team has prepared a real surprise for you — a Web Proxy that opens all websites through Idyll Browser in a matter of seconds.

How to find and launch Utopia P2P Web Proxy? Read this article.

What is Utopia P2P Web Proxy?

Web Proxy is a new tool of the Utopia P2P ecosystem that works in conjunction with the Idyll browser. With it, you can get quick and anonymous access to any website. In addition, even websites inaccessible to your geolocation are opened.

The update takes the ecosystem to a new level of anonymity and user security. Now each of Utopia P2P clients has round-the-clock access to any websites that open without delay.

How to find Utopia P2P Web Proxy?

First of all, open the ecosystem and check the information about the latest updates. This information can be found here:

*Note: If you still don’t have a Utopia P2P account, now is the time to create one. Download Utopia P2P to your operating system, register anonymously, and use all the tools for free and safely.

After you updated the ecosystem to version 1.2.300, a Web Proxy became available to you. Now it will not be difficult to find and use it:

  1. Open the Web Proxy.

2. In the open window in the Web Proxy, enter the web address of the website you need.

3. Wait a few seconds and enjoy anonymous and secure access to any website.

Do not waste time, but update the ecosystem and enjoy the fast loading of websites on your computer via Utopia P2P Web Proxy.



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