What is the harm of internet censorship?

👨‍💻 Content blocking on the Internet has been happening more and more frequently in recent years. We mostly hear about them in connection with China, Russia or developing countries — in the West, “softer methods” are adopted, not much inferior in efficiency though (for example, removing “wrong” sites from search results). At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing wrong with this: we are simply protected from pirates, propaganda of violence and radical ideas, child porn and other similar horrors. However, in fact, blocking is no less dangerous than “dangerous” content itself.

First, the idea that someone decides for you what you can and can’t see directly violates basic human rights.
Secondly, the criteria for ”dangerous “ content chosen by the government (or corporations in Western countries) are primarily based on their interests. Criticism of the government or ideas that do not coincide with the policy of the corporation are blocked first of all.
Third, sites that no one intended to block often come under attack. One can recall the attempt of the Russian authorities to block Telegram — thousands of third-party sites, including the sites of banks and the government’s own portals, suffered from the IP addresses “carpet bombing”.

As a result, blockages not only violate basic human rights, but also cause direct damage to the economy. And this cannot even be justified by the classic “ the goal justifies the means” — blocking is simply ineffective. The radicals are still successfully promoting violence, and pirated content is still easily accessible… That is, blocking harms law-abiding users not criminals.

The only way to solve the problem of blocking is through decentralization. Moreover, the decentralization should be comprehensive, including basic Internet services, such as DNS. And this is exactly the concept that is implemented in Utopia — the project offers not a single secure and decentralized service, but a full-fledged free Internet.

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